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About the Company

AXIPLAST is a manufacturer of plastic packagings. Our packagings are used in various sectors. They are used for storage of:

  • wood impregnating preparations
  • construction chemistry
  • oils for mowers and chainsaws
  • various glues
  • agricultural plant protection preparations
  • curing agents and car paints
  • operating fluids for cars
  • distilled water, electrolytes
  • aggressive substances, chemicals
  • …and many more

Our portfolio includes production of packagings using high quality HDPE and PP granulates. We offer bottles with volumes from 0.05L to 1.0L, cans from 0.2L to 1L, buckets from 3L to 15L and screw-on caps. Our production is based on proprietary designs and on customer-based designs.

The beginnings of AXIPLAST date back to 1990s, namely to 1993. It was the year when our company started its operation in Dębica in Sub-Carpathian Voivodeship. Initially, the company operated in the field of recovery, recycling and processing of plastics. Production profile was changed in 1995, when blow moulding machinery were purchased, used for production of candlelight elements and of various flexible pipes for sanitary basins. A year later, we started production of 0.5 and 1 L bottles made of HDPE. The machinery was expanded in 2000, with injection equipment and moulds used in production of 0.2 L and 0.8 L cans made of PP, followed by various moulds for caps and bottles in subsequent years. Using the EU founds, the company purchased a production line for PP cans and buckets in 2010, thus also expanding its offer.

The long term experience and knowledge of the sector allowed us to develop a stable position on the market, translating into fast and effective execution of orders. We would like to invite you to exploration of our offer.